20 October 2006

foodblog: pickles!

so last week i made pickles. i used okra and small cucumbers (not the teeny cocktail cornichons, but still smaller than regular ones; maybe from my wrist to my middle knuckle in length). by the way, if you've never had okra pickles, you're missing out. anyway they came out crisp and pretty delicious, but next time i will make them a little saltier. and i think i figured out how to reduce the sliminess the okra naturally have, so that goes in the "success" column. i also came home with $20 worth of spices this weekend, partly because i was excited to try adding things like dill seed and mustard seed to my pickles (and partly because i restocked on aromatics for winter cookie baking, as well as more turmeric so i can try making chicken penang soon-- except i forgot the star anise!). anyway, pickles. i thought the jar was quite pretty after i finished filling it, so i took a few pictures.

well, none of the pictures came out that great. it was evening when i tried, and i had a terrible time getting the light in the kitchen to a) be strong enough that i didn't have to set the shutter speed really low, and yet b) not look horrid and garish. but anyway here's a picture.



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