30 June 2008

reviewing my cases

hotliner notes: Local fund is helping with $175. Domestic Violence- man stole all her money, broke her phone. phone is still broken, can only leave messages -- then she will locate another phone to call back on.

27 June 2008

your daily dose of substituting the public for the private

cuppa joe, morning news

The government has ruled that a pregnant 11-year-old who was raped by a relative can have an abortion in Romania. Twenty Christian Orthodox church groups have threatened to press charges if the government allows the girl, who is 21 weeks pregnant, to have an abortion in the country, where abortions are illegal beyond 14 weeks of pregnancy unless the woman’s life is endangered. But Theodora Bertzi, a Labor Ministry official and a member of the committee that ruled on the case, said the government had to respect the rights of the child, who told doctors that she had been raped by her 19-year-old uncle. He has disappeared. The position of the church groups was in contrast to the official stand of the Romanian Orthodox Church, which said the decision should be left to the family.

26 June 2008

food math

1 onion chopped + garlic and ginger minced + 2 tbsp vegetable oil
sauteed til translucent
white pepper, ground mustard, smoked chipotle tabasco, etc
2 large carrots diced + half an aging apple chopped + stem parts of bok choi + 2 cubes of vegetable bouillon + a gallon of water + two bay leaves
brought to a boil, simmered for an hour
pulsed briefly with a hand blender
2 potatoes cubed + two handfuls of bok choi leaves and mustard greens torn into bites
simmered another 20 minutes
+ salt to taste and optional slip of olive oil
vegetable soup, tasty hot or chilled; or, wednesday dinner and thursday breakfast and thursday lunch!


two kinds of blue cheese on a cheeseboard
shallots, peeled and roasted with balsamic vinegar
rye and caraway crispbreads
light and beautiful dinner that looks and tastes like i planned it ahead of time; or, a way to use up kitchen remnants in 30 minutes on a hot thursday night.

24 June 2008

data entry at work, the lighter side

clinic writes: "pt don't work or recived any food stamp or cash from f.I.A." [all sic]

23 June 2008

filling out my call log

patient asked for names of local funds to which she can donate when she is "in a position to give back" - yay!

19 June 2008

data entry at work, pt 2

Wanted to continue preg. but b/f incarcerated for 17 years. Now she is homeless. (clinic notes)

18 June 2008

data entry at work

clinic writes: pt's partner admitted to poking holes in the condoms they used.

07 June 2008

wow, people suck:

SARASOTA — An anti-abortion group [the American Life League] has broken up a deal between Planned Parenthood and Habitat for Humanity by blasting out 10,000 e-mails to Habitat supporters.

Planned Parenthood is building a 23,000-square-foot regional headquarters on Central Avenue, and planned to sell Habitat the land next door for a token $10 to build three below-market-cost houses. The deal benefited Planned Parenthood because the city required the clinic to put up buildings as a buffer between its parking lot and Cohen Way.

"We could have put up any building we wanted," said Barbara Zdravecky, president of Planned Parenthood. "We wanted to donate the land so Habitat could build more attainable housing."

But after Habitat donors learned about it and complained, Habitat International told the local board to drop it. The local Habitat board dropped the deal Tuesday night, less than a month before it was set for a final vote by the city.

Tony Souza, director of Habitat for Humanity Sarasota, said it was the pressure from donors -- and not a philosophical stance -- that caused Habitat to back out of the project. "It was a lot of pressure on Habitat International," Souza said. "When donors start pulling out, money talks."


there's a couple more paragraphs after this, but that is the basic plot.

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