04 October 2006

inaugural post: feminism Q&A! (blog intro to come.)

EDIT -- i am still trying to figure out to use trackbacks when i link to blogs, because it seems like the courteous thing to do, but every blogging site is different and so i'm still a little confused about where to find the trackback links. if you can help me please do.

repost: livejournal entry from 9/14/2006

ok. i have a proposition. first a little background, which is that i read several feminist blogs.

--and here i have to digress and plug the one i hit up most often, pandagon, which updates several times daily and is pretty fucking good. it covers a wide field of feminist issues, and also race issues, religious fundamentalism, economics and poverty, neo-conservatism and the war, and so forth, and any intersections among those things. it's pretty strongly focused on how these things play out in the states and in current domestic politics, with most of the posts inspired by current news stories, and since i am so tired of most newsmedia lately it's basically where i get my u.s. news these days. hey, it works for me. doesn't hurt that the writing is no-nonsense, trenchant and mostly spot-on smart, AND occasionally wrings out a laugh from a pretty depressing state of affairs. so yeah.--

ok. so amanda marcotte, one of the pandagon writers, wrote a post that led me to check in on another feminist blog, one that i used to read but had lost over the summer. this one is called molly saves the day, and in her latest post molly has invited readers with (honest, good-faith) questions about feminism, no matter how basic or "dumb", to go ahead and ask them without fear of being a nuisance to the more versed feminists or of being sent off to read more stuff. as she disclaims, though, feminists are within their rights when they say things like "it's not my job to teach you about this, it's your job to teach yourself about it". (quick mini-paragraph about this: this is true, and it's something feminists will often say to those questions, the same way a lot of people of color say that they do not want to be teaching "black people 101" or similar such things, and you could imagine the same about queers who don't feel willing to make it their life's work to educate others about being them. i mean, you might think that anyone would WANT to or feel a DUTY to do that sort of thing -- but there is one group of people who essentially never have to do any of that stuff, because everyone else already lives in their reality and has to know about it just to function. and i don't think it makes sense for well-off able-bodied straight white men to demand explanations of everyone else, they ought to have to do some active learning too, and there is plenty of stuff already put out there by people who DO want to spend their time educating everyone else.) but on the other hand, an occasional boost from someone who knows the material like the back of their hand can be really helpful and engaging, and if someone feels like going the extra mile for others then that's great, so molly's offering her (personal, individual) answers to whoever wants. and, since no one feminist speaks for "all of feminism", amanda in this post, and jill at feministe, and who knows who else, decided to do the same.

so, i like this idea, and if i thought more people read my posts, i'd do it too. i'd like to add my voice to the variety of voices, i just don't know if there's anyone reading this who'd have any questions they'd want me to answer. because this is still definitely a "journal" even though i've been running it a little like a "blog" lately, and by that distinction all i am really saying is that i haven't publicized it and strangers don't read it (i think). that said, i'll still extend the offer. so, thing-one is, if you want me to answer any questions in this vein, ask away. thing-two is, if you just want to get a sense generally of what various feminists out there are wondering about and stating, you should visit one of these blog-posts' comment threads. they touch on things like tensions among feminist women, tensions between feminist and non-feminist women, internalized sexism, what men can do to be pro-feminist, reading resources for more edification, etc.

ok, that's all. in the next few days i hope to post some other, really worthwhile blog reading i found recently.


i've got a question to inaugurate your new blog. at least, i hope its more of a question than a statement and then "what do you think?". it seems that gender inequality in many ways (rape, for sure) seems to be fuelled by sexual dimorphism, mainly, that males grow larger and stronger than females (in most cases). what is the view of feminists (or just you, thats fine) on the rise of gender inequality and the role of biology in that process? and what (if anything) should be done to address that?
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