23 January 2007

1/22/07: Blog for Choice Day

since today is the anniversary of the decision of roe v. wade, the left/feminist blog world is having "blog for choice day". i've long been brewing what i have come to think of as the "huge-ass pro-choice post of doom" (it's written that way on my mental to-do list), but sadly it looks like the day of its wrapping-up will not be this day. so i'll keep this brief.

i'm pro-choice because i don't think anyone can know better than me what decisions are best for my life, and i have to accord that reverence for self-sovereignty and bodily integrity to others; that means i trust women to be moral agents. i value women's lives and have realized what can happen to them when they are prevented from choosing for themselves whether, when and how to have sex, to be pregnant, to deliver children, and to parent. crucially, i believe that states and private interests continually attempt to assert a prerogative to commandeer women's bodies in their wars, whether social or military, and i believe that this is deeply, fundamentally wrong. i believe that, as my friend laura says, reproductive justice is social justice. the existence of a second-class citizenry is always unacceptable, and reproductive inequality is a significant mechanism in the oppression of women, as well as of racial minorities and the poor.

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