06 March 2007

one more thing, related but not really

there was another bit in one of the comments that caught my notice: Personally, I find it ridiculous for a microscopic clump of cells to be considered equal to a human being, and I find the majority of abortions abhorrent and unnecessary.

if the majority of abortions should be considered abhorrent and unnecessary simply because they fulfill a desire, then i guess i've already said what i think about that. on the other hand, i think that most people have a very vague picture of "the majority of abortions" and i don't generally find much use in vague hand-waving at "the bad kind". this sort of thing, along with several other sorts of things, have over time impressed on me the general need for actual knowledge about what abortion is like and what abortions are like.

so this is a good occasion to say that i've been wrestling with the idea of starting a set of "abortion clinic diary" posts. if i can sort out the various confidentiality issues involved, i might do this. as much as i really do want to share with many people my experiences of how abortion can be both much more mundane and much more urgent than people think, i've never tried this before and i have to make sure i don't bite off more than i can chew. so i'll start once i figure it out, and i hope it goes smoothly or i'll just take those posts back down i guess.

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Abortion numbers are far too high…

Over 3,500 per day / Over 1.3 million per year in America alone.

50% of that 1.3 million claimed failed birth control was to blame.

A further 48% had failed to use any birth control at all.

And 2% had medical reasons.

That means a staggering 98% of unwanted pregnancies may have been avoided had an effective birth control been used.

There are an estimated 34 million women in need of contraceptive services in America — those who are not sterilized, pregnant or trying to conceive.

34 million…if the pill is 99% effective that means 1% of 34mill = 340,000 + 26,000 for the 2% = 366,000…………….

366,000 abortions per year..Doesn’t that sound better than 1.3 million…
And it could be even less, some of the implants are 99.9% effective….
0.1% of 34mill = 34,000 + 26,000 for the 2% = 60,000………WOW……..

1.3 million per year or 60,000 per year….


Implanon is new to the US but has been widely used in Aus for about five years.
The only bad report iv’e heard is if your a smoker you can’t use them due to increased risk of cardiovascular conditions.
Good incentive to give the cigs a miss…………
(not hard to work out which one I'd rather give up.)
Any way my daughter has one, and no problems, no pills to remember,and she is protected from unwanted pregnancies for three years.
(in fact our GP told my daughter they were 100% effective but they've left a 0.1% margin for error in case)

But wait, how do we get them all to use birth control, many I’ve encountered spit chips at the mere mention of the idea.

I know their are a number of people who can't use birth control for one reason or another.

But is that true for all types of birth control,
there are many different types to choose from,

surely one to suite most every-one.

I would suggest that the number of people that can't use any of them at all would be very small

but many use this as their reason.

If only people would choose to use birth control,

They wouldn't have to make another choice........


Cash payments for using birth control..............



If a Chemist cannot adequately fulfill his role and fill every script written by a doctor,
then he should employ someone who can or look for another line of business.

Abortion is a subhuman act.
look, birth control is super awesome, and i totally agree that more people ought to know about it, be able to find it, be able to afford it, and use it. i also agree that it would be great to reduce the amount of money and inconvenience that is spent on abortions every year.

BUT we should never try to replace one with the other as a society. there will always be a need for both. even 99% effective contraception fails 1% of the time, assholes rape women, and some of the same crazy people who believe abortion is vile also think the same of the pill -- then some of them get pregnant, freak out and end up at an abortion clinic. it's true.

furthermore, coercing women to undertake a medical decision is not okay by me. it's also not okay by medical ethics. that applies to sterilization, iuds and implants, and daily hormonal contraceptives. you may think it's just popping a pill each day (or "just" a major surgery), but it's a serious decision to mess with the body's habits and no woman who's uncomfortable with it needs to be pushed into it. and yes, offering a couple hundred dollars to a woman who needs it in exchange for doing what you want her to do absolutely is coercion.

i'm all for expanding accurate and thorough education about pregnancy prevention, funding development of contraceptives that are safer for women and ones that men can use as well, finding ways to make contraception more affordable, and requiring pharmacists to do their damn jobs and fill prescriptions. but i also insist on respecting individuals' right to make decisions concerning their own medical care. that's the absolute rule, and everything else must work around that.

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