23 December 2007

dear sarah silverman: more hit and less miss, please

h/t amanda at pandagon for posting it there first. fucking great:

edit: gah, ok, it looks like the embed feature isn't working with blogger, so check out the video here. sorry for the crappy ad thing.

reminds me of her older bit, "i agree with 24-hour waiting periods: sometimes you need to think it over. the other day i thought i wanted an abortion -- but it turned out i was just thirsty." or something to that effect. the general concept she's satirizing in both (Women Who Have Abortions [whatever that means] enjoy the process / are frivolous or capricious or otherwise stupid) is sadly very much in play in the non-satire world. anyway, not to get all "wider implications" or anything, i just found that really funny and wanted to share.

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