14 January 2008

"martyr to the coalition", thinking about nonprofit work

[in reference to the altitude at the 1981 yosemite women's music festival where she was speaking:]

I feel as if I’m gonna keel over any minute and die. That is often what it feels like if you’re really doing coalition work. Most of the time you feel threatened to the core and if you don’t, you’re not really doing no coalescing...

That is the nature of coalition...It is not to feed you; you have to feed it. And it’s a monster. It never gets enough. It always wants more. So you better be sure you got your home someplace for you to go to so that you will not become a martyr to the coalition...None of this matters at all very much if you die tomorrow—that won’t even be cute. It only matters if you make a commitment to be around for another fifty more years.

-civil rights activist/historian/musician/etc bernice johnson reagon, via brownfemipower

trying very hard to sort out what i'm doing, where i'm going, my relation to the work i say i want to do.

had a long conversation with a bitchy patrick to complicate things. might post parts of it later, or actually try to write stuff if i'm not a lazy ass. but i'm tired and depressed again, so not just now.


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