12 January 2008

plagiarism, gastropods

a faffing-on-his-blog poem by tao lin (author of a book called "Eeeee Eee Eeee" and a book of poetry and some other things):

i started reading eeeee eee eeee in bed and i read 70 pages and felt appreciation for myself

some parts i thought were really funny

i felt 'impressed'

i have read those 70 pages like 400 times or something if you include reading them while editing them

reading my own thoughts

the brain processing thoughts the same brain thought

i feel like a snail trying to masturbate but unable to touch itself

like it's moving muscles inside of itself to somehow masturbate

like a pile of hummus trying to masturbate

the end

thank you

sadly and wonderfully, i can't rid my mind's eye of those images.

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