26 June 2008

food math

1 onion chopped + garlic and ginger minced + 2 tbsp vegetable oil
sauteed til translucent
white pepper, ground mustard, smoked chipotle tabasco, etc
2 large carrots diced + half an aging apple chopped + stem parts of bok choi + 2 cubes of vegetable bouillon + a gallon of water + two bay leaves
brought to a boil, simmered for an hour
pulsed briefly with a hand blender
2 potatoes cubed + two handfuls of bok choi leaves and mustard greens torn into bites
simmered another 20 minutes
+ salt to taste and optional slip of olive oil
vegetable soup, tasty hot or chilled; or, wednesday dinner and thursday breakfast and thursday lunch!


two kinds of blue cheese on a cheeseboard
shallots, peeled and roasted with balsamic vinegar
rye and caraway crispbreads
light and beautiful dinner that looks and tastes like i planned it ahead of time; or, a way to use up kitchen remnants in 30 minutes on a hot thursday night.


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